About the Skullx Universe

Skullx is a collection of 10,000 skulls which come from 9 different realms with their own unique traits and designs. Summoned as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Skullx holders get access to holder only raffles and events.

Skullx: Origins (KinkySkullx) is our genesis collection of 666 pixel skulls. These pixels are hand drawn 1/1 works of art from Soh. These will appear in future projects and owners have access to exclusive content such as discord channels, raffles and events.

Aeons are 2,000 companion NFT’s to Skullx who come from the same realms with the addition of the Nether realm. The Nether realm seeks to rule the Skullx realms and are the evil void of our universe.

Matching Skullx and Aeons from the same realms will allow holders to fuse both NFT’s to create a rarer Fused Skullx NFT.

The Aeon will be burned, decreasing their supply. However your Skullx will remain and you will gain a fusion of the two. Fusion will only be available to a limited number of holders as there are only 2,000 Aeons but 10,000 Skullx.

This collection contains mysterious creatures and artifacts that will be used in the future gamification of our Skullx universe.

Skullx Plans
  • Nether Aeons

  • Fusions

  • Origins (KinkySkullx)

  • Gamification & token

  • Origins migration & staking

  • Lore

  • World Domination!

These plans are a guide, and as time goes and new ideas or opportunities arise, things might be changed and new things might be added.

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